Songs and Films - Music and Movies

Songs and Films . Music and Movies

Films and music have always been firm friends. This concert seeks to uncover the many ways that songs and films have come together, from the classic "musical" (Singing in the rain) to songs written for a film (Bob Dylan´s "Knocking on heavens door" for the film Pat Garret and Billy the Kid) to "Rock Operas" such as The Wall by Pink Floyd. There are film names inspired by songs, (Pretty Woman), and songs that are part of the movie product, package and trailer (James Bond movie theme songs - Billie Eilish - No time to die). There´s also time to see how songs are now linking up with series ("True Blood").

While this didactic concert is of interest to all learners of English it has been adapted to be accessible to CEF Basic A1-2 levels of English which makes it of interest to 1º/2º E.S.O. English students.