Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Simon and Garfunkel and  The Beatles. The "Fab Four" from Liverpool need no presentation, having offered some of the best combinations of English song writing and music. Springsteen has always been renowned for his storytelling while Sting can conjure a melody with a mood  to reflect the theme of his song. Many of Paul Simon´s songs are poetic masterpieces.

 The Beatles´songs quite  simply changed music both in England and the world. There are different set lists for primary, secondary and adult learners and the level of Englsh required can be adapted to a less demanding A1-2 .

Bruce Springsteen "Storyteller" and Sting "Emotional Intelligence" require an English level of A2-B1 while Simon and Garfunkel "Songs and Poetry" is aimed at Advanced "C" level students.

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