Simply...The Beatles

Simply...The Beatles

The Beatles are quite simply...the greatest band in rock pop history, both in terms of the numbers of their success, as well as their extraordinary creativity and innovation.

This concert follows the Beatles journey from the early 1960´s, as they picked up from the Rock and Roll revolution of the 50´s ("She loves you", "I saw her standing there", "Twist and Shout", "I feel fine"), to the first introspective and experimental songs ("Help", "Eleanor Rigby") to the revolutionary "Sgt Pepper´s Lonely Hearts Club band" album ("Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds") to the final years of pioneering new forms of rock pop (the psychedelic "Strawberry Fields Forever", or rock anthems such as "Hey Jude", ...The Beatles changed music forever.

As well as following the music this didactic concert will look, too, at their personal transformation, the phenomenon of "Beatlemania" and their place and influence during "the swinging sixties", a decade that was not short of incident!

The concert repertoire can be adapted for all students, from 5º/6º primaria students through to adult learners and the minimum level of English required can be adjusted from A1-A2 upwards .

For primary we´ll do some more fun songs like "Yellow submarine", "Octopus´s garden", while for secondary and adults the set list includes songs such as "Lady Madonna" and "Let it be"

This concert can be performed outside if Covid restrictions make an inside performance difficult.