Simon and Garfunkel:

Songs and poetry

Simon and Garfunkel - Songs and poetry.

Paul Simon is a genuine poet and often refers to poetry in his songs. Some songs (Richard Cory) are even directly inspired by poems. The lyrics to many of his songs are exquisitely crafted both from his time in the duo Simon and Garfunkel, as well as during his solo career. This concert will look at the way songs and poetry interact through Paul Simon´s songs. Besides the classics such as, The Sound of Silence, The Boxer or Homeward Bound this concert explores the typical themes of poetry such as love, loss, sadness, through songs such as Kathy´s song or Hearts and Bones, but there´s also a chance to look at songs influenced by his collaboration with musicians from South Africa, found on the legendary "Graceland" LP, and with influences from South America from the "Rhythm of the Saints" album.

Given the complexity of many of the songs, this concert is aimed at students with a minimum English level of "B2- C1"