History of rock pop

History of rock pop music

The story of Rock and Pop music is intriguing... From "The Blues" and "Gospel"..."Rock and Roll emerged in the 1950´s with Elvis Presley the undisputed king, but jazz and folk have also contributed to the origins of the enormous world of "Pop music".

Nearly all of this musical story has happened in English. This concert looks at those early times with some Blues (John Lee Hooker) and Rock n Roll (Elvis Presley) a bit of Gospel before exploring the extraordinary impact of the Beatles, the folk factor (Bob Dylan) and then a tour of a few of the related genres that have emerged , including Reggae (Bob Marley), Heavy Metal (Led Zeppelin), Soul (Ben E King) Jazz pop (Sade) and some songs from this millenium that can still trace their identity to way back when..

Learners with a level of English (A1-2) can follow this concert and it can be done with 5º/6º primaria students . For this concert access to the lyrics is not a necessity and so it can be performed out of doors (if Covid restrictions make an inside performance difficult).