The U.S.A. in songs

The U.S.A. in songs

The United States of America has undoubtedly been the force behind the English language becoming the world´s "lingua franca" through the twentieth century. Add to that the emergence of rock and roll in the fifties inspired by The Blues, Gospel and Country music, the huge number of fantastic rock and pop artists that have appeared since then and a voyage through songs to discover the "all- American" soul is a fascinating prospect.

This concert journeys from East to West and North to South in across vast distances to delve into the idiosyncracies of the U.S.

Down south in Louisiana we´ll join Chuck Berry while in New York the Mamas and Papas are California Dreaming. The Beach Boys take us to California and the romantic idea of the cowboy and rebel, free to ride across those empty spaces, (Christopher Cross- Ride like the wind) will be set against the "hard to face" reality of what happened to the Indian nations in John Mellencamp´s "Hotdogs and Hamburgers". We´ll listen to Lana del Rey in her sad "Looking for America" and there´s time to get to Graceland and Elvis´ legacy in Walking in Memphis and some songs about love and laughter.

Some of the songs in this concert are a little more demanding. A minimum level of B1-B2 English is required.

For secondary school students the set list is less demanding (A2-B1) and some different songs are included such as Estelle´s (feat:Kanye West) "American boy".