Man of Canterbury Didactic Concerts

(for students of English)

Acoustic performance + song facts+ linguistic details +images/video + mobile phone interactive experience for all students of English

Click aquí para la versión española.

About 1387 Geoffrey Chaucer wrote "The Canterbury Tales", the first great literary work in English about pilgrims making their way to my home town.

Nearly 600 years later Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and others wrote their English verses to the beat of rock and pop.

The English language and music come together in these didactic concerts which are aimed at students of English and are a perfect (cross-curricular) fit for English and bilingual/C.L.I.L. curriculums.

12 different didactic concerts (minimum 1 hour)include:

An acoustic performance of the songs accompanied by:

  • an explanation of the songs (both topic and English language related)

  • images and videos.

English language levels

The different concerts offered require different levels from Basic A1 to Advanced C1 (C.E.F.R.)

There are options for all audiences from primary school students through to adult learners

More information can be found by clicking either above or on the links below.

Themes (history, books, films... and SUMMER SONGS (NEW for third term - outdoors)

Music Legends (Springsteen, The Beatles, Sting..)

England/ U.S.A.

Interactive / m-Learning

The concerts are accompanied by a powerpoint but all the concerts can also be followed using a mobile application which allows the audience to participate in topic related questions and follow the lyrics on their mobile phone .

Details about the songs in each concert are available, to faciltate work in the classroom before or after the concert.

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The didactic concerts can be big or small, indoors or outdoors, with/without amplification.

Why is music good for learning and good for you?

Music gets both the left and right hemispheres working.

English is a stress timed language and the music of rock and pop has grown out of the very musicality of English.

Music also brings to life feelings and emotions related to a book, historical event, story or a human trait.

With the extraordinary wealth of songs from the last 70 years pop songs music are the perfect way to further learning of English.