Acoustic performance + song facts + linguistic details + images/video + mobile phone interactive experience for all students.


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I was born in Canterbury, the city that inspired the first book in the English language: The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer (year 1380).

Although I am first and foremost a teacher, my passion for music has led me to the creation of this musical education project called "Man of Canterbury". As of September 2021, I travel to schools for primary, secondary and adult students offering didactic concerts in English for all ages (including Infants) and levels

Join me, surprise yourself and learn English while following the rhythm of the music.

12 different didactic concerts:

For my performances schools can choose from 12 different didactic concerts sorted into three categories

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What you will find in my concerts...

Want to learn English?

As a language teacher and music lover, I firmly believe that music can be a powerful tool for learning English. 

Listening to English songs and singing along can improve listening comprehension, expand vocabulary, and develop pronunciation and intonation. Songs provide authentic input with language and can help students distinguish between different sounds and recognize patterns in the language.

In addition, music is a fun and engaging way to learn English that can keep students motivated and engaged.

All of this is firmly backed up by the most revent neuro-scientific research!!