Sting and Emotional Intelligence

From his time with The Police to the present day as a solo artist, Sting has written some of the most poignant songs in rock pop history combining beautiful melodies with thought provoking lyrics. The result is a potent emotional rollercoaster mix of great songs. This concert looks at ten or so songs that deal with emotions such as jealousy and possession (Every Breath You Take) , loneliness and frustration  (Message in a Bottle, If I ever lose my faith in you) and freedom and liberty (If you love somebody set them free), love (Wrapped around your finger) mental health (King of Pain) as well as songs inspired by  literature (A Moon over Bourbon Street

For secondary schools the concert is adapted to work more with songs by The Police that touch on issues such as, loneliness (So lonely, Message in a bottle), shyness (Every little thing she does is magic), love (Don´t stand so close to me, Walking on the Moon) , suicide (Can´t stand losing you),  social injustice (Roxanne)  and rebellion (Spirits in the material world

Minimum level of A2-B1 English required.